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Embroidery versus Cross Stitch

What is the difference between embroidery and cross stitch? I can find lots of cross stitch kits but hardly anything but pillowcases to embroider.

Amy's Answer
Cross stitch is just a type of embroidery. As you'll learn on this website, there are several types of embroidery methods ranging from huck weaving to punchneedle embroidery.

The pillowcase kits you find are probably crewel embroidery, also known as just plain "embroidery". It can be done on almost any material, even without a pattern. If you can draw pencil lines on the fabric and stick and needle through it, then you can do crewel embroidery on it.

Cross stitch on the other hand requires an evenweave fabric or some sort of grid to stitch. You can also get a grid by using gingham or waste canvas. Cross stitch patterns are also usually very particular about using certain colors of thread to create the picture. That's why cross stitch kits are so popular. It's challenging to come up with your own cross stitch design.

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