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Finishing Techniques

Chose your favorite! It helps to have finishing techniques in mind when you start embroidery projects. Then the materials you choose will be suitable for the finished item you want to make.

Embroidery Ideas

Wall Hanging
You can make a framed wall hanging or a bell pull. Medieval castles used large embroidered tapestries to make stone rooms warmer.
You can make a small pin cushion or a full-sized sofa pillow. Pillows are an excellent way to hide the wrong side of your work if it didn't turn out smooth. They can also hide the stabilizer from machine embroidery.
Another excellent way to hide a lumpy wrong side or scratchy stabilizer. Crazy quilting traditionally uses crewel stitches. Sew in the embroidery before adding batting.
There are special aida cloth afghans you can buy that have blank places to stitch. Swedish huck weaving afghans are made on monksÂ’ cloth. I have also seen large cross stitch done in yarn on crochet or knit afghans.
There are special aida cloth towels with blank places to stitch. Huck toweling is specially designed for Swedish huck weaving.
Read more about bookmarks here.
Coaster or Mouse Pad
There are special protective covers you can insert your embroidery into to make coasters or mouse pads. I have also seen covers for mugs, but I don't trust them. I'm afraid the seal would break with repeated washing.
Greeting Card
Read about finishing techniques for greeting cards.
Christmas Stocking
Cross stitch Christmas stockings are popular. They're one of the best cross stitch ideas. Learn how to finish them with lining and a loop for hanging.
I have seen rugs done in punch needle and yarn-size cross stitch. Obviously, you have to be prepared for a rug to receive much more wear than, for example, a wall hanging.
Stool cover
Needlepoint canvas has historically been used to make beautiful stool covers. Punch needle and machine embroidery should be able to handle use as a stool cover, too.

There are so many finishing techniques, you'll never run out of ideas. My goal is to have my work in every room all over the house, ha!

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