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Finishing an Embroidery Project

Finishing a project is like putting icing on a cake. There are so many possibilities. You need to choose something that won't drown the flavor of the main piece, just complement it. You need something to give it a little flair.

Sometimes the embroidery is the icing on another project, but the same principle applies. It must complement the main piece.

Things to consider when you complete a project:

Are all of the thread ends secured tightly? Have the tails been trimmed? Your project may need a little ironing depending on the fiber content.
Are there any pieces of lint or stains to remove before you go to the next step? Determine the best way to keep this piece of needlework clean as it ages.
Hopefully you chose the right fibers for what you intend to use the piece for. If your work is delicate, you will need to protect it over time.

With these points in mind, completing your embroidery in the most effective way can become as much fun as it was to select the design when you started!

Finishing Techniques
There are a variety of techniques for embroidery and cross stitch. Choose your favorite!

Bead Embroidery for Embellishment
An easy way to make embroidery extra special is to embellish it with beads or charms. Bead embroidery adds texture and sparkle to highlight details.

Framing Needlework for Maximum Effect
Follow these easy guidelines to determine the best framing for your embroidery.

Greeting Card Embroidery
Cross stitch, crewel, and hardanger are popular methods for doing handmade greeting card embroidery.

Needlework Display Tips
Follow these handy display tips to keep your embroidery looking its best.

Heirloom Care for Needlework
Preserve your embroidery with heirloom care and proper storage.

How to Make a Project Journal
Keep a project journal to organize your notes and easily record everything you've made.

There's nothing like the satisfaction of completing a project that you made yourself!

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