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Easy and Elegant Embroidery with Swedish Huck Weaving

Anyone can do huck weaving, regardless of age. It's a type of surface darning. Embroidery doesn't get any easier!

Also known as Swedish weaving, huck embroidery, or huckaback darning, this embroidery method was very popular in the US in the 1930s and 1940s. Many ladies remember learning it as schoolgirls.

I learned it from a 1959 booklet, but I found it mentioned in Mary Thomas's Embroidery Book which was first published in London in 1936.

If you have an interest in the history of this technique or the Portuguese variation known as "oitinho", please see the comments sent in by Ivani from Brazil.

Please share your favorite pattern and how you learned this embroidery method!

Huck Weaving Stitches
There are only two basic stitches to learn for Swedish weaving patterns. The design can look simple or complex depending on how many colors and lines you use, but it is always quite simple to make.

Huck Toweling
Learn useful advice about buying and using huck toweling.

Huck Embroidery Patterns
Download Swedish weaving patterns to decorate towels and other household items.

Monks Cloth Afghans
Want to decorate a monks cloth afghan with huck embroidery? It's so easy!

These are the most common projects to make, but there are other patterns.

Old books show skirts and toaster covers. Scraps make lovely greeting cards.

You can use huck cloth or monks cloth like normal cloth to sew anything and then decorate it.

Or decorate before sewing any seams to secure the line of thread. Sometimes this is even better because it gives a smooth finish.

It's fun for any age! Make sure you understand the basic stitches.

What's Your Favorite Huck Embroidery?

Why do you love that pattern? Share your story, tips, and a photo of the huck embroidery that you made or plan to make!

What Other Visitors Are Stitching

Click below to see favorite huck embroidery patterns from other visitors to this page...

Huck Tallit Prayer Shawl 
I was taught by a wonderful teacher, Ellen Temkin who realized that the horizontal patterns of Swedish Weaving would be perfect for a tallit - a Jewish …

Patriotic Huck Towels 
This is my second entry in your huck towel contest . The pattern is "Stars N Stripes" by Stitch On It Direct and was bought through the internet. I made …

Snuggle Time Baby Blanket 
I am very pleased with how this baby blanket turned out. I chose the color combination as it would serve well for either a boy or girl baby. The pattern …

Hebrew Huck Towel 
The top is done in Swedish Weave mode and was designed by me as I went along... I have since made a chart of it. The word in Hebrew (read from right …

Swedish Weaving Book for Beginners 
Where can I purchase a book on sweedish weaving for beginners? Amy's Answer I actually learned how to do Swedish weaving ( aka huck embroidery) …

Portuguese Oitinho 
I am from Brazil and I do an embroidery which according to a magazine in here could have its origin in Sweden, so that's the reason I'd like to know if …

Learned Huck Weaving in School Not rated yet
I was a girl in 8th Grade when our sewing instructor taught us the art of Huck Weaving. She would give us different patterns and help us with our mistakes …

Butterfly Towel Not rated yet
I found a partially done kitchen towel in my grandmother's items after she had passed away. I had no clue as to what it was or how to do it. I had never …

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