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Needlepoint Canvas Work

Needlepoint, also known as canvaswork or canvas embroidery, is a fun stitching method. Beginners find it very manageable to embroider with a large count size canvas and yarn.

And advanced thread artists never become bored by learning more and more types of stitches.

You can make it as easy or as complex as you want!

Most often, you completely cover the canvas surface with stitches. They can all be the same diagonal or straight stitch, or you can add texture with fancy stitches such as the Rhodes or trame.

Even the easy straight stitch can create an elegant and historical Florentine work Bargello pattern.

Patterns may be worked from a chart, but usually they are printed or painted directly onto the canvas. Because it will be completely covered with stitching, no one will see the pattern marks on the finished piece.

This stitching method can be one of the most durable types of embroidery, especially with the trame technique. It can even be used to upholster furniture!

Types of Canvas for Stitching
Some stitches and techniques require a special type of canvas. Make sure you're using the right kind to meet your needs.

Stitches and Instructions
There are a variety of canvas stitches that every needleworker should know, whether beginner or advanced.

Patterns that Inspire
Share your best hand embroidery patterns using this technique and admire the pieces that others have created.

How to Make a Painted Canvas
Designing your own pattern and transferring it to canvas mesh is easy. You can choose to make a printed or hand painted canvas.

How to Do Custom Reupholstery
Learn how to do custom reupholstery for a chair seat or foot stool with your hand embroidered canvas.

For more excellent tips and how-to advice, visit needlepoint-for-fun.com. They have some wonderful photos of kits!

Another great resource that will take you through every step and introduce you to some new stitches and techniques is the AllAboutNeedlepoint.com website. If there's something you don't understand there, you can just ask Janet!

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