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Perfect Punch Needle Patterns

Do you like punch needle patterns with fuzzy animals or do you prefer smooth Bunka flowers? Or do you love a mix of both, like I do? Please share your favorites and see what others are doing in punch embroidery!

There are different sizes and styles, from rugs to jewelry box tops. I suggest choose something small and easy you for your first project.

You can find a pattern already printed on fabric in a kit, but if you design your own you'll need learn how to transfer a pattern onto fabric.

Create Your Own Pattern

Use your own original art or something you really like. Look for areas of nice solid color and gentle shading, if any. Think "coloring book" because that's basically what you're doing only this is with threads instead of crayons!

Use my website search to find punch needle patterns. To get relevant results, type in coloring plus the subject you want, such as "coloring tulip".


Transfer the pattern using a pencil. To make homemade transfer paper, color solid pencil on opposite side of your pattern to create graphite dust. Then flip back over to the side with your pattern, and trace the design so it becomes imprinted on the fabric in graphite dust.

The pattern will be in reverse on the fabric, but remember that for Russian punch needle you work on the reverse side. The design will be in the right direction as you punch it through to appear on the other side of the fabric.

Buy Punch Needle Kits

Or you can just buy a pattern. If you get a kit, it will come with all of the threads, too. Check out this punch needle kit for making a butterfly. Or click here for more patterns and kits with all sorts of designs.

What's Your Favorite Needle Punch Embroidery Pattern?

Why do you love that pattern? Share your story, tips, and a photo of the punch needle embroidery that you made or plan to make!

What Other Visitors Are Stitching

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Click here to write your own.

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