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Color with Threads Using Punch Needle Embroidery

Wouldn't it be nice if stitching embroidery were as easy as coloring? With punch needle patterns, it is! That's why some people call this method thread painting.

You use a special tool to pierce the fabric. It's sort of a long needle attached to a hollow tube.

Each stitch creates loops on the opposite side from where you are working.

Russian punch embroidery considers that opposite side with the loops to be the right side of the finished piece.

Japanese Bunka Shishu is a Japanese style that considers the side with the flat stitches to be the right side.

Both methods are quite beautiful and have a lot in common.

punch needle buffalo and flowers

Here's a buffalo I made as my first project. See how I experimented with different sititches in the flowers?

Thread and Supplies
Learn the supplies you'll need to do needlepunch. Find a thread guide and advice on needles.

Needlepunch Patterns
Select your favorite pattern or design your own and transfer it onto fabric.

Punch Needle Instructions
Get started on your project with some basic instructions.

Bunka Embroidery
Bunka Shishu is the Japanese form of surface punch embroidery. It's like painting with thread!

This type of embroidery feels different, but it's quite fun!

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