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Make a Ribbon Rose

Learning how to make ribbon roses is easier than you might expect. Sure, you can now buy cheap ribbon flowers to glue on, but nothing looks as good as the real thing.

A genuine, handmade rose has far more detail and texture, and is attached much more securely.

They're easy to make. And fun!

How to Make a Rose in Three Steps

  1. Start with a spider web base worked in thread. Choose a color that matches the ribbon color. The base should look like a five spoke asterisk.
  2. Bring the ribbon up to enter in the middle and start weaving in and out on the spokes, around and around. It doesn't matter whether you go clockwise or counterclockwise. Just keep going in the same direction. Allow the ribbon to twist where it looks best.
  3. When the spokes are covered, end by stitching an exit through the fabric just under the last round. Secure the ribbon with a small knot on the back.
ribbon rose in 3 steps

You now have a beautiful, handmade rose!

You can add leaves and a stem to your rose with other silk ribbon embroidery stitches.

Rosie Ideas

  • Place a bead in the center or add a bead as a dewdrop on a petal or leaf.
  • Make a small rose as a center in a stitched flower.
  • Make roses of different sizes by changing the spider web spoke length and using different sized ribbons.

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