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Elegant Silk Ribbon Embroidery

You can easily create gorgeous dimensional flowers and leaves with silk ribbon embroidery. Sew a silk ribbon garden that will bloom all year!

I love the way silk ribbon looks. It's so feminine with the bright colors and flow of the luxurious ribbon.

My Story

During the Victorian revival in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I first saw ribbon embroidery featured in some home magazines. It was so pretty! I could not handle a new hobby at the time, so the articles I'd carefully clipped became buried in my storage folder.

I rediscovered them in 2004. There was a cross stitch pattern with ribbon embroidery accents that I'd saved. It was dated 1995. The year 2005 was going to be special for me because I was graduating from college. So my graduation present for myself was to finally bring that old pattern to life and give ribbon embroidery a try! (Jump below to share your own story.)

herb cross stitch and silk ribbon embroidery

In my photo here, the flowers and leaves in the border and in the pots are done in silk ribbon. Below is a close-up shot.

herb embroidery detail

It's fairly easy. The stitches are similar to those used in crewelwork. The difference is that ribbon allows you to make textured leaves, flower petals, and ribbon roses.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Stitches
Make textured leaves, flower petals, and ribbon roses with ribbon embroidery stitches.

How to Make a Ribbon Rose
Learn how to embellish your ribbon embroidery with a handmade ribbon rose.

Silk Ribbon Size and Needles for Embroidery
Select the right silk ribbon size and the right sized ribbon needle for your next embroidery project.

I still love the look of silk ribbon and find this embroidery method very attractive!

What's Your Favorite Silk Ribbon Embroidery Pattern?

Why do you love that pattern? Share your story, tips, and a photo of the silk ribbon embroidery that you made or plan to make!

What Other Visitors Are Stitching

Click below to see favorite silk ribbon embroidery patterns from other visitors to this page...

Ribbon work 
I made some cushions and have done ribbon embroidery. Hope I will get some positive responses.

Beautiful Princess in a Rose Garden 
Different ribbon embroidery stiches are used. These stiches are similar to the crewel stiches. I have enjoyed making this piece of beautiful work. Hope …

Rose Basket 
My very first ribbon work project, hope you will like it.

Embellished Silk and Beaded Crazy Quilt Block 
Hi, I'm Joy and this is a portion of one of nine crazy quilt blocks I'm working on for an embellished crazy quilt. The silk ribbon techniques gave me a …

First Attempts at Ribbon Embroidery on a T-shirt 
Hi, I'm Lien from Malaysia. I've just started to learn ribbon embroidery this year from books and internet. These are photos among the first. I hope you …

More Silk Ribbon Embroidery from Turkey 
Do you remember Yasemin from Turkey and the silk ribbon embroidery by her mother Emel? Their beautiful photos have been one of the most popular pages …

Daisies and Rose Buds Neck 
This design is done for the neck line of a jeans top.

Rose Bouquet 
Silk Ribbon Embroidery has got me hooked nicely: it's easy, it's beautiful and gorgeous. I have tried doing fabric painting along with SRE in this project …

Circle of Ribbon Flowers 
In this design I have used ribbon stitch, French knot, and daisy stitch. Gathered ribbon flowers give a dimensional effect for the design. See more …

Daisies and Rose Buds 
I am basically an engineer, but stitching is my favourite hobby from childhood. I made small rose flowers using satin ribbons for decorating a thanks card …

Ribbon Embroidery from Turkey 
I am from Turkey my name is Yasemin. I visited your site and liked it very much. I want to share several excellent works of ribbon embroidery by my mother. …

Pink Roses Embroidered Pillow 
It's a stitched and embroidered pillow with silk ribbons on velvet. On the spaces between embroideries, it also has beadwork. You can see more patterns …

Ribbon Poinsettia Greeting Card 
I got the pattern for the ribbon poinsettias from the holiday bonus you sent last year. I used them on a greeting card for my mother. She loved it! It's …

Satin , silk ribbon , jardosi & painting 
Hi! Myself Nafisa I want to share with you some of my creations, hope you'll like. Waitng for your comments. Thanks.

Flower Basket 
Recently I came across silk ribbon embroidery (SRE) and was amazed by its beauty. Not only was it gorgeous, it was easy, too. I am a grandmom and now find …

Flower Ring 
I love ribbon embroidery very much as it does not strain my eyes. You can build the pattern as you stitch. I had a problem with selection of cloth. I find …

Ribbon Flowers 
I have always been a hobby crafter, now in my seventies with lots of time to work with fabrics and to embroider. I make small pictures and cards for friends. …

A Ribbon Work Wall Hanging Not rated yet
I always do dry flower aggangements, so I picked up one of them to turn it into a ribbon embrodiery. Hope you like it.

My ribbon embrodiery Not rated yet
I was inspired by one of my relative doing beautiful ribbon embroidery, I thought I will do it after my retirement when I will have plenty of time, so …

Bugs and Insects Not rated yet
I found a pattern book on silk embroidery with insects and bugs. "Oh, how cute!", I thought. I bought a child's pastel sweat shirt and on the back right …

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