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Starting a New Embroidery Project

Starting a new project is so exciting! I love discovering new thread colors and patterns.

Too often, I fall in love with a design based on how it looks, then later on into our relationship I realize that we were not meant for each other. Ensure success by selecting the correct design, and your perfect match won't make you mad.

Things to Consider when you select embroidery projects:

Embroidery projects are easier when you select the right design.

Difficulty Level
How complex are the stitches? What is the fabric count? Tools like needle threaders and magnifiers can help ease the difficulty level.
Approximately how long will this project take you? Consider how much spare time you have right now and over the coming weeks. Decide how much time you can spare when starting a project, and you'll avoid frustration later!
Do you already know how to do embroidery and the stitches used? If the embroidery method for this pattern is new to you, it increases the difficulty level and amount of time the project will take. Beginning cross stitch is more simple than beginning crewel.
Think about how big the piece of material will be. Do you plan to carry the project around in a purse to work on while waiting in lines? That will work for a bookmark, but not for an afghan! Also, consider amount of storage space everything will take.
Availability of Materials and Equipment
Obviously, you will find it impossible to do machine embroidery if you don't own a home machine or have access to one. It can be hard to find the right color threads or limited edition hand dyed fabrics.
Basic Tools
Decide what else you will need to complete the project besides the fabric and fiber. You will definately need scissors or a thread cutter, but what about a hoop or frame, good lighting, and/or magnification?

When you come down from those first moments of exhilaration and are about to reach frustration, here are some useful needlecraft skills everyone starting a new project, whether a beginner or experienced pro, should know.

Using an Embroidery Hoop or Frame When Starting
Decide if your embroidery work will require a hoop or frame. Find the best model to fit your needs.

Definition of Fabric Count
Learn how to choose the right fabric count for your design and calculate the size of a finished piece.

Guide to Sewing Needles
If you want to learn how to sew and do machine or hand embroidery, you need to know how to select the correct embroidery needles.

Craft Organizer Systems
There are many organizer systems for embroidery thread. Choose one that matches the way you work and your storage space.

How to Fix Embroidery Mistakes
Learn how to fix embroidery mistakes and keep making progress on your embroidery project.

Paper Embroidery: How to Do Embroidery on Paper
Did you know that you can do embroidery on paper? Learn the embroidery stitches and materials required for paper embroidery.

Read an article on the Victorian Secrets of Embroidery (link opens in a new window) for some timeless advice on how to embroider and work effectively!

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