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Tying Off Thread

I've done cross stitch for many years and just started embroidery but I've never been able to find the proper way to secure the floss when finished. Could anyone help me with that?

Amy's Answer
Tying off thread is much simpler in cross stitch than in crewel embroidery. To tie off a thread in cross stitch or needlepoint, you weave the end in among other stitches; however, crewel embroidery usually has stitches out there on their own with no one else to hide under! If you are doing it on a crazy quilt or something with two layers you can do a small backstitch to secure the last stitch and let the tail loose to hide between the layers. Otherwise, you have to tie a small knot. I know, knots are forbidden in other forms of embroidery, but if you're doing crewel, and especially if you're doing it on a bib, pillowcase, handkerchief, jeans, or something else that receives a lot of use and wear, a small secure knot is essential.

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